<aside> 🚀 AMAVI fortifies European PropTechs, forging tomorrow’s radically changing real estate industry.


70 million EUR ****fund → 22 investments to date → 2.500+ companies screened → 10 European countries covered


ℹ About AMAVI

AMAVI is a fully-independent investment fund with a pan-European footprint, based in Ghent (Belgium) and Stockholm (Sweden). It’s the first PropTech fund launched in the Benelux and one of a handful of VC’s focusing solely on PropTech scale-ups in Europe. Its investor base is drawn mainly from the real estate and construction industry.


The opportunity

An enormous gap has opened between old-school real estate and construction on the one hand and the emerging PropTech movement on the other. New technologies demand skills that the traditional industry may not possess, or are in short supply. AMAVI bridges that gap. Its unique investor profile provides expert insights and access to deal flow & products, while creating a distribution channel for the companies it invests in. This bridge is mirrored in the expertise of its founders, which have backgrounds in real estate, private equity and technology.

AMAVI knows what it takes to disrupt the largest asset class in the world: smart investments in promising scale-ups with a proven product-market fit in order to scale them further throughout Europe and beyond**.** AMAVI’s investment strategy is based on the consolidation potential of the fragmented and emerging European PropTech landscape, through M&A and cross-border partnerships.

AMAVI invests in PropTech companies, led by founders driven to contribute to the sustainability and innovation-focused transformation of the Built World Value Chain (below).


🏅 Meet the team!

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🚩 The companies we already support

With 22 investments so far, AMAVI has built an ecosystem that already covers every step in the value chain. Feel free to select a company to learn more about our investment thesis.

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🛠️ Approach

  1. AMAVI is a pro-active and hands-on partner:
    1. Inspire, challenge and support the portfolio companies in defining and guarding the strategic path and maintaining the company focus
    2. Be a business partner ‘on call’, whenever needed, for whatever reason needed
    3. Provide and actively search for business development opportunities and strategic partnerships through our network to scale the company and gain top-line growth
    4. Actively drive consolidation, looking for strategic add-ons and M&A opportunities
    5. Support in structuring, providing and attracting financing (equity and/or debt)
    6. Provide access to a pool of talented people within our network